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Yuzu Jelly Tea

Yuzu Jelly is a delicious and fruity marmalade that goes beyond just toast! Mix a couple teaspoons with your tea, hot water or cold drink for a sumptuous and flavour packed fruity drink. Packed full of vitamin C it's been used in Korea as winter warmer to keep colds at bay for generations.



Yuzu preserved in sugar 66% (Yuzu 50%, sugar), fructose, sugar, water, carrageenan, citric acid, vitamin C.


Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Tried this for the first time and it's absolutely gorgeous. Great with Hot water for a little winter warmer in cold weather and so refreshing when mixed with sparkling water for a cool drink. Just wish it was a larger jar

Soul warming

I thought it would be quite sweet but actually it is just perfect, i mainly do ice tea with it. Easy to use and fruity flavour of the yuzu, i love it!

Kelly Loves Yuzu tea jelly and so do I ...

Amazing taste ... uplifting and refreshing . The order arrived promptly and the items well packed.

Yuzu yum

I really enjoyed this tea! Was frustrated that it tastes exactly like the tea I've been making £5.30 for at the Japanese tea chain by my house. Wish I had purchased it sooner!

Rebekah McMaster

Tastes brilliant. I love citron tea, but the ones available to me had loads of E numbers and not an actual lot of Yuzu in them. I was trying to find a slightly more natural version and this is the closest I could find without making it myself! Living in Scotland, I can’t really make it, so I saw this and thought I would give it a bash. I’m glad I did! Tastes just as good and perfect for my morning wake up tea.

Yuzu Jelly Tea

Kelly Says

"Add hot or cold water for a fruity tea infusion. Great alone or in cocktails. Or spread neat on toast as a marmalade. High in Vitamin C, it has been drunk in Korea for a long time, to stay healthy during winter! "


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