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Seollal, Korean New Year

What is Korean New Year? Everything you need to know about Seollal

Some countries celebrate the new year starting on 1st January. And other celebrations happen at a later date, like the Korean Lunar New Year (Seollal). There is something magical about Seollal. Perhaps it is the fact that Seollal marks a traditional celebration of growing a year older with a difference: after you’ve finished the specially prepared tteokguk soup you instantly grow one year older! Or perhaps it is the bell ringing, ceremonies, delectable food, vibrant clothes and traditional games. Seollal exudes a magnetism which draws us in…
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Ramune Soda Kelly Loves, 3 flavours

Ramune Flavours: Which Flavour Is Best?

Ramune is Japan’s #1 soft drink and an integral part of Japanese culture — if you haven’t tried it yet, you must! With so many delicious flavours, there is a favourite for everyone. 
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Kelly Loves Ramune Soda

How to open a ramune bottle

‘How to open a ramune bottle’ is a well-Googled question. If you haven’t seen a ramune bottle before, you might wonder why opening a soda bottle needs any instruction at all. But you’ll probably need some guidance if you’re a first-timer, because ramune comes in old-fashioned bottles with a marble seal. 
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The history of ramune soda

In Japan, ramune soda is a cultural touchstone which links the generations. Loved by children and adults, it evokes strong feelings of childhood nostalgia. Ramune has even been described as Japan’s national drink. The charming bottle with its rounded curves, numerous flavours and bright artwork – this all fits with the popular kawaii aesthetic, the Japanese culture of cuteness.
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Korean New Year Food Traditions To Try

If you’re a Koreaphile, what better way to celebrate the Korean Lunar New Year (Seollal) than with some delicious Korean food? To get you started, we’ve put together some recipes below, featuring the traditional food served at New Year. Decorate your home with red paper lanterns, invite your friends and family over, and tuck into a feast. 
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Korean Food vs Japanese Food: What's The Difference?

At Kelly Loves, we have both heritage and experience in Japanese and Korean food and we enjoy bringing the best authentic food from each of these countries straight into your kitchen. Cuisines in different countries are no doubt influenced by each other historically, but as Japan and Korea have their own unique cuisine and culture, it’s not difficult to appreciate the differences. 
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Kimpab cooked rice, Kelly Loves

What is Kimbap & How is it Different From Sushi?

According to a recent analysis, sushi is the most popular food on Instagram (the world over) and it’s easy to see why. But due to our familiarity with sushi, a first look at kimbap and you’ll probably see it as a slightly different looking type of sushi — but this isn’t the case — kimbap has its own identity! And if you love eating sushi, but raw fish sushi isn’t your favourite, kimbap might just be your new best friend…
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Korean side dish

8 Popular Korean Side Dishes

Diverse and delicious side dishes are routine in Korean cuisine. Whilst Japanese meals focus on one main dish, there are an array of tempting little side dishes to choose from at Korean mealtimes. Most people focus on the main course when visiting a Korean restaurant, but Korean side dishes mustn't be overlooked. So we are dedicating this blog post to eight side dishes, packed full of flavour and equally as delicious as the mains. Although Korean side dishes are habitual, they are anything but ordinary! 
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Kelly loves drink, Green Ice Tea

10 Best Korean Drinks: Soft Drinks, Teas & More

Korean drinks are a must on your foodie bucket list. There are hundreds of wildly different types of teas, grain beverages and juices. The seemingly endless variety, combined with the fun and quirky packaging, makes us curious to try them all. But where should you begin? To help get you started we have put together a list which includes fizzy milk and a drink containing cooked rice and pine nuts… have we sparked your curiosity? Let’s take a look.
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Kelly Loves, yuzu jelly tea

What is Yuzu & What Flavour Is It?

‘How do yuzu?’ …let us introduce you to the yuzu fruit! Research shows that variation in your regular diet is beneficial to your general health, immune system and wellbeing. Through authentic products like our refreshing yuzu iced green tea, we hope that you’ll discover the beauty of Korean and Japanese cuisine, delight in new flavours, and absorb the nutrients of fruits and vegetables that you might not have otherwise eaten. Plus, it’s fun! 
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Kimchi Ramen, Korean cuisine

What Is Kimchi Ramen & How Do You Eat It?

Kimchi is just so addictive: the moment you open a jar or sachet you’ll keep on going back for another heavenly spoonful for that tangy hit. To get your daily kimchi fix, you can add it to just about anything. Kimchi is much juicier in a cheese sandwich than your basic ploughman’s pickle. And a dollop of kimchi to elevate your burger? Just so good. But for an authentic combination, the classic dish is kimchi ramen noodles and it’s superbly delicious. Let's find out more. 
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Traditional Korean desserts to make at home

Pudding! There — we got your attention. Eating something sweet just makes our day a little better. A few bites of dessert after a meal really hits the spot and makes us happier human beings.
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