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Korean & Japanese Tea

Take some time to explore our online selection of Japanese green tea and Korean tea, infused with traditional Asian flavours such as yuzu and matcha.

Tea is one of the world’s most sociable drinks. Whether you’re enjoying Japanese green tea with sushi, or drinking yuzu iced green tea with guests over conversation, we have authentic teas with the highest quality ingredients. 

If you’re in need of some comfort, stir in some Korean yuzu jelly tea, sit back and savour the flavour. We also have some Japanese matcha tea powder, which has so many uses: teas, lattes, cakes or even a facemask! Scroll through our traditional Asian drinks and explore the possibilities.

Tea ceremonies in Japan and Korea show how much care and attention goes into tea preparation. Carve out your own tea ritual to take a break from a busy day: a few sips of tea and relax… 


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