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Kelly Choi

Founder of Kelly Loves
and the KellyDeli group of companies.

Kelly Choi - our founder

Kelly Choi has challenged the status quo since she was a child.

Denied access to high school because her parents lacked the funds, Kelly took her future into her own hands. At just 14 she moved to Seoul on her own, working in a factory by day so she could attend night school.
Educated and empowered, she moved to Japan and immersed herself in Japanese culture. She later on moved to Paris, where she met Yamamoto-san, Master of Sushi, and persuaded him to work with her on Sushi Daily. At first he refused, sceptical that sushi could be both excellent and convenient. She promised him that her company would always strive to make the best sushi in the world, and that together they would do just that - He accepted. 

Since then, using only the finest ingredients and training only the most passionate sushi chefs, Kelly and Yamamoto-San have honored her promise, improving the sushi offering across Europe one kiosk at a time.

After the success of Sushi Daily, Kelly wanted to be a pioneer of Korean cuisine – the closest to her heart –, and Kelly Loves was born, pursuing Kelly’s mission to bring the best of Asian food to the world!

Our brands: Kelly Loves, Sushi Daily, Korma Kitchen, Bam'Bu, BamTuk, TukTuk, along with our Asian-inspired restaurants and thousands of sushi kiosks, all come together in KellyDeli, our rapidly growing, deeply authentic food company.

Our success is anchored by Kelly’s values: to be a force for good, change the game, and restore balance to people’s lives. We guide and encourage other startups with the same values, providing mentorship and training. And we help organisations that can prove their positive impact on food poverty. As a priority, KellyDeli makes certain that business is always done with ethics and integrity.

We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and bring high-quality food products to as many people as possible. Follow @kellylovesasianfood or join the Kelly Loves email club for delicious updates…


From Kelly

"Kelly Loves is a selection of my favourite tasty snacks and meals, typical to the Far East. Only food good enough for my daughter makes it into the family - all chosen to make you feel good."