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Complete Sushi Kit

The complete sushi kit contains all the essential ingredients to make a whole range of delicious and exciting, flavour packed sushi rolls and maki, topped with fried onions and spicy mayo - Just add your choice of fish, chicken or vegetables and get creative.
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Make Sushi at Home

The Complete Sushi kit Includes:

1 x Bamboo Rolling Mat
1 x 500g Sushi Rice
1 x 7 Nori Sheets
1 x 150ml Sushi Vinegar
1 x 285g Spicy Mayo
1 x 150g Ginger
1 x 150g Crispy Fried Onions

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jessica Jones
Great selection

Great selection and super fast dispatch.

Thank you!

Molly Simpson

Complete Sushi Kit

Kelly Davis
Great kit

Bought as a gift for my brother who wants to start making sushi. Perfect first time kit. Arrived swiftly. Great customer service.

PSW Freathy
Awesome products!

Fabulous service and what wonderful products. I am thrilled with the complete kit I got, and have since ordered more and more and more from Kelly loves. The orders arrive so fast I am amazed how they do it! Its like they have a hotline to the courier company!

I can honestly recommend the fabulous sweet soy sauce too! Wow, its a game changer!

Hello Paul,

Thank you very much for the lovely feedback! You'll be happy to know that we have more products and flavours joining the family later this year, so keep your eyes (and tummy!) open!

Elly Boulton

Very good just what I wanted and works very well

Simple Steps to Making the Perfect Sushi

Build Your Base

Add your Sushi rice, Nori sheet and a few drops of Sushi vinegar, plus a filling of your choice, use the rolling mat to roll.

Add Your Topping

Top off your Sushi roll with crispy fried onions, Spicy Mayo or Sesame seeds.

Choose Your Side-Kick

Add a few drops of soy sauce, ginger or wasabi and enjoy!

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