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Sushi Starter Kit

The perfect sushi starter kit contains just the ingredients you need to make a range of sushi, including spicy mayo for that perfect topping. If you have already bought the starter kit or one of our other sushi kits before, you can select this kit without the rolling mat, to restock just the essentials.
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Make Sushi at Home

The Sushi Starter kit Includes:

1 x 500g Sushi Rice
1 x 7 Nori Sheets
1 x 150ml Sushi Vinegar
1 x 285g Spicy Mayo
1 x Bamboo Rolling Mat (if selected)

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
George Gill
Perfect present

The perfect starter kit for a sushi lover

Louise Davies
Sushi kit

Would have been nice if it had come with the items packaged together rather than individually as I wanted to give it as a gift

Sara Burnett
Great quality

Ordered a sushi kit for a present. Everything a beginner would need is included and great quality. Delivery was also quick

Charlotte Williams
Great gift

Great range of products have made for a great sushi gift. Fast delivery. Would recommend

Aria Seebold
Amazing sushi kit for beginners

I was tired of the sushi ingredients from my local supermarket, so I researched high quality sushi ingredients and came across this website. All of the ingredients in this starter kit were of a very high quality, the nori and sushi rice were delicious, and the pre-mixed vinegar was much easier than making my own! The spicy mayonnaise is also a great addition and really elevated the dishes I made. All of my friends were very impressed by the sushi I made, but I have to give the credit to the ingredients in this case, for being of such good quality. Definitely recommended and I will be picking up more ingredients from this website soon!!

Thank you for the lovely feedback. Our sushi products are the same products used in our restaurants by our skilled Sushi chefs, so we're really happy that you've been impressed by the high quality.

Simple Steps to Making the Perfect Sushi

Build Your Base

Add your Sushi rice, Nori sheet and a few drops of Sushi vinegar, plus a filling of your choice, use the rolling mat to roll.

Add Your Topping

Top off your Sushi roll with crispy fried onions, Spicy Mayo or Sesame seeds.

Choose Your Side-Kick

Add a few drops of soy sauce, ginger or wasabi and enjoy!

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