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Yuzu Jelly Tea

Yuzu Jelly is a delicious and fruity marmalade that goes beyond just toast! Mix a couple teaspoons with your tea, hot water or cold drink for a sumptuous and flavour packed fruity drink. Packed full of vitamin C it's been used in Korea as winter warmer to keep colds at bay for generations.



Yuzu preserved in sugar 66% (Yuzu 50%, sugar), fructose, sugar, water, carrageenan, citric acid, vitamin C.


Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Just yummy!

Tried a cup of this at my daughters, came home and bought my own, it’s just lovely! Fantastic quick postage too, highly recommend


Tried this for the first time and it's absolutely gorgeous. Great with Hot water for a little winter warmer in cold weather and so refreshing when mixed with sparkling water for a cool drink. Just wish it was a larger jar

Soul warming

I thought it would be quite sweet but actually it is just perfect, i mainly do ice tea with it. Easy to use and fruity flavour of the yuzu, i love it!

Kelly Loves Yuzu tea jelly and so do I ...

Amazing taste ... uplifting and refreshing . The order arrived promptly and the items well packed.

Yuzu yum

I really enjoyed this tea! Was frustrated that it tastes exactly like the tea I've been making £5.30 for at the Japanese tea chain by my house. Wish I had purchased it sooner!

Yuzu Jelly Tea

Kelly Says

"Add hot or cold water for a fruity tea infusion. Great alone or in cocktails. Or spread neat on toast as a marmalade. High in Vitamin C, it has been drunk in Korea for a long time, to stay healthy during winter! "


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