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500G Matcha Powder (Sweetened)

Product of Korea
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This is an original powder-type matcha, expertly blended with ceremonial-grade organic
Boseong matcha and a 0-calorie sweetener, replacing high-calorie sugar. This formulation
reduces the bitter taste while preserving the soft and delicate flavor of matcha. 500G Matcha Powder (Sweetened).



Put about 1 portion (10~12g) of powder into a tumbler or mug, pour about 150-200ml of milk or water, and shake or stir well. You can dissolve the powder first with a small amount of hot water (20ml) and pour it in a layer over the milk. This powder pairs excellently with plant-based milk and can enhance the flavor of various meals and desserts, such as yogurt and granola.

This product is manufactured in a facility that uses egg, milk, peanut, walnut, pine nut, soybean, peach, tomato, wheat, buckwheat, and products containing sulfurous acids. Be aware that excessive intake may cause diarrhea
100% Organic Matcha (Boseong, Korea), Superzero Sweetener (steviol glycosides, erythritol)
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I was born in Korea, studied in Japan and moved to Europe, where I launched my business, Sushi Daily. As an entrepreneur searching for the best flavours from the Far East, food connects me to home.

After the success of Sushi Daily, I wanted to bring Korean cuisine – the closest to my heart – to my western friends, and Kelly Loves was born.

With Kelly Loves, I get to share my favourite finds: snacks and meals discovered in local stores, down bustling backstreets, around dinner tables, that evoke memories of my childhood. There’s just one test: only food good enough for my daughter makes it into the family.

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