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Sushi Soy Sauces - Your Authentic Selection

High-quality soy sauce — you’ll taste the difference. Explore our authentic selection of sushi soy sauces. Perfect for shaking into your cooking sauces, Asian-inspired dishes and for dipping sushi. 

As the primary seasoning in Japanese and Korean cooking, soy sauce is indispensable, enhancing dishes and working with your taste buds to give you the best experience by balancing any overpowering flavours.


Take a look at the benefits of using Kelly Loves soy sauce: 

Traditionally brewed — for the richest flavour

Highest quality — Kelly keeps her promise

Authentic — handpicked for you 

Peace of mind transparent ingredients lists

Accessible — the real taste of Korea and Japan in your home

Choice — reduced salt option available 

Sociable — offer your friends a soy sauce selection for dipping 


Which soy sauce will you choose?

Our classic sushi soy sauce is traditionally brewed and blended for maximum flavour. Our sweet sushi soy sauce has a very subtle sweetness, which makes it the perfect addition to rice dishes, stir-fries, meat, and of course, sushi. And for the same rich flavour, but with less salt, try our Kelly Loves reduced salt sushi soy sauce. Or buy the fab trio as a soy sauce pack!

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Sweet Soy Sauce


Soy Sauce (Vegan)


Soy Sauce Pack

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FAQs about Sushi Soy Sauces - Your Authentic Selection

Storing your soy sauce in the fridge is recommended if you don’t use soy sauce every day. But if you’re splashing it into just about everything, or you’re cooking up a storm for a party, then keeping it out on the kitchen counter at room temperature won’t spoil it (just think about the soy sauce happily sitting on the table in a sushi restaurant at room temperature). To store in the fridge or not is a regular puzzle for many, but soy sauce storage is pretty free and easy; just make sure you store it away from heat and direct sunlight.

You might only use soy sauce when cooking oriental dishes, but we’re here to change that! The umami flavour of the Kelly Loves soy sauce collection means that you can add that mouth-watering, aromatic seasoning to your hot pots, bolognese sauce, soups, cheese on toast, salad dressing…have some fun! And if you need some inspo, check out our guide on how to use soy sauce in cooking.

All soy sauces are salty as part of their flavour identity, but Japanese-style sauces like Kelly Loves soy sauce generally contain less salt than Chinese soy sauce. If you’re watching your salt intake then you can use Kelly Loves reduced salt soy sauce which is still traditionally and naturally brewed and packed full of flavour — just with 43% less salt than the classic soy sauce. And remember: if you’re seasoning your food with soy sauce, you don’t need to add any extra salt on top.

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