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Crispy Fried Onions For Sushi

Deliciously crisp shredded onion, provides an excellent flavour and texture to finish off your home made Sushi rolls and give them that professional look and taste.

Onions (made with 211g of onions per 100g of finished product) sustainable palm oil (RSPO certified), buckwheat flour, rice starch, salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Tamzen Hogben
Love these!!

i add these onions to all of my sushi. they are amazing - i could eat the tub on its own!


Super fast delivery - very happy with the service, thank you, will be ordering more

massimiliano bagni
excellent product , the best

The Crispy Fried Sushi Onions are the best I've ever had and the delivery was super fast!
highly recommended

massimiliano bagni
excellent product , the best

The Crispy Fried Sushi Onions are the best I've ever had and the delivery was super fast!
highly recommended

Eva Middleton
Yummy. Best ever

I went searching for crispy healthy onions.
I bought 3 tubs of your product. 1 and a half left. Tastes amazing. Great light crunch.

Crispy Fried Onions For Sushi

Kelly Says

"This fried onions are a signature topping in my restaurants. It is used in our best-sellers called "the crunch roll"."


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