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Kimchi Sachet

Gluten Free
Low Calorie
Palm Oil Free
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Kimchi is a traditional mainstay of a Korean diet and it’s easy to see why — it’s just so addictive! Fermented cabbage is mixed with red pepper, onion and garlic to create a delicious treat. Why’s our kimchi so special? Well, not only does the flavour pack a punch, but it comes in a handy sachet - perfect for resealing at home, popping in a packed lunch or taking to the office. Kimchi is so versatile that it can be eaten on its own, with rice, or fried up in a wok with noodles. Or how about adding it to a sandwich, a burger, or a bagel with some cream cheese…the choices are endless…


Product of Korea



Kimchi is by far one of the most versatile ingredients in the repertoire of Korean cuisine. You could literally add this to all your meals as a side or in your main dish. You can also add it to with rice, or fried up in a wok with noodles. Or how about adding it to a sandwich, a burger, or a bagel with some cream cheese…the choices are endless. One popular dish in Korean is called Kimchi Jjigae or Kimchi Stew, and we've created this handy recipe for you to follow to make at home.



So you've heard of the hype around Kimchi and all the benefits surrounding it, but what does it actually taste like? Surely fermenting cabbage can't be as tasty as everyone says? Well, simply put, it is! Think spicy, pickled, veggies with a highly savoury and satisfying taste. We believe our Kimchi stands out for being balanced and perfect for anyone who is trying Kimchi for the first time. What's more, you won't need to committ into buying a whole jar full.


Gluten Free
Napa cabbage (76%), radish (12%), red pepper powder (2.4%), salt, onion, garlic, sugar, yeast extract, lactic acid bacteria, thickener (xanthan gum).
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As for all Koreans, Kimchi is for me an everyday food. I can have it with anything, by its own, with rice, in a stew or any kind of noodle!Kelly x
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I was born in Korea, studied in Japan and moved to Europe, where I launched my business, Sushi Daily. As an entrepreneur searching for the best flavours from the Far East, food connects me to home.

After the success of Sushi Daily, I wanted to bring Korean cuisine – the closest to my heart – to my western friends, and Kelly Loves was born.

With Kelly Loves, I get to share my favourite finds: snacks and meals discovered in local stores, down bustling backstreets, around dinner tables, that evoke memories of my childhood. There’s just one test: only food good enough for my daughter makes it into the family.

Read my full story
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Customer Reviews

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Delivered on time

Rosie Martin

I love the kimchi, it's just beautiful. Also the fish noddle very nice.

Not the best

I am sorry to say that despite high expectations, I was very disappointed with this product. It has an odd taste and is not at all how kimchi should taste like. I grew up with close links to Korean community and I know my kimchi. All 8 packets went straight into bin.

Jean-Philippe Raynaud
Very fine kimchi

Excellent, perfect taste, very fresh, flavourish and rightly spicy,
Ideal packaging in quantity for a single meal

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