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Spicy salmon snack

How spicy is Korean food? A guide to Korean spices

Korean food is famed for its spiciness, but Korea was actually late to the party when it came to enjoying spicy chilli peppers. Now a staple spice in Korean cooking, gochugaru is a chilli powder that consists entirely of dried chilli peppers that have been deseeded. But Portuguese ...
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Kelly Loves Aloe Vera mocktail

How much aloe vera juice should you drink daily?

Many people drink aloe vera for its health benefits, taking it as a supplement. But supplement consumption is serious stuff; you can’t go taking them willy-nilly. Like any health supplement, the first thing that comes to mind is how much you should take on a daily basis.
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Kimchi ready to eat

Is Korean food healthy?

This is the question on all our lips as we crave the dazzling flavours and mouth-watering aromas of Korean food! Well, good news, Korean dishes use a vast array of wholesome ingredients, including a colourful range of Korean fruit and vegetables, roots, sprouts, seeds, nori and of course, kimchi
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Kumquat, group of small fruit-bearing trees in the flowering plant family Rutaceae.

A guide to the fruit in Korea

Eating fruit in Korea appeals to all your senses: the bright colours, the neatly sliced fruit platters, the aromas, the sweet or tart taste. Koreans take fruit seriously...
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How to use nori sheets

How to use nori sheets for sushi & more

Nori is a superfood which is more than worthy of the title. It’s ultra-nutritious, so it’s beneficial to incorporate it into your diet in different ways.
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Kelly Loves aloe vera Juice

How long does aloe vera juice last?

Over the years (nearly 5000 of them!) aloe vera has been hailed for a myriad of health benefits...
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Kimchi, traditional Korean side dish, fermented vegetables

Is Korean Kimchi Good For You?

Kimchi is a Korean side dish typically consisting of salted and fermented vegetables, including napa cabbage, onion, radishes and seasoning. It can also contain fish or meat. It has been a staple in Korean kitchens for generations ...
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Kimchi ramen noodles

10 Types of Dishes To Eat Kimchi With

As kimchi is fermented, it’ll keep for a long time in your fridge, so you’ll need some inspiration beyond having it on the side of a rice dish. Or maybe you have a little stash of Kelly Loves kimchi pouches in your cupboard ...
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Kellyloves Seaweed rice crisps

What Are The Best Traditional Korean Snacks?

We love raiding the biscuit tin in the UK — and there’s a special place in our hearts for tea and a crumpet — but Koreans take snacking even more seriously...
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wasabi, green paste made from ground rhizomes used as a condiment

What is wasabi and how hot is it?

Wasabi — the innocent looking light green paste sitting next to your sushi, with a surprisingly fiery kick. It’s wonderfully addictive (and it certainly clears your sinuses!)...
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Nori sheets,

What are the health benefits of nori?

Perhaps nori sheets are one of your go-to ingredients. Or maybe you’ve only ever eaten nori wrapped around sushi, but you’re intrigued to know more. Did you know about the health benefits of nori?...
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Crispy Nori snacks seaweed used in Japanese cuisine

What is nori and what does it taste like?

If you’ve enjoyed eating and making sushi, you’ll be thankful for the firm dark exterior which keeps all the delicious ingredients together in a neat parcel. Nori-wrapped maki rolls are one of the more familiar types of sushi...
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