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Fried Onions For Sushi

Deliciously crisp shredded onion, provides an excellent flavour and texture to finish off your home made Sushi rolls and give them that professional look and taste.
£2899 £3300

Onions (made with 211g of onions per 100g of finished product) sustainable palm oil (RSPO certified), buckwheat flour, rice starch, salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eva Middleton
Yummy. Best ever

I went searching for crispy healthy onions.
I bought 3 tubs of your product. 1 and a half left. Tastes amazing. Great light crunch.

A (gluten free) dream come true

Thank you for making gluten free onions ! You made a celiac girl really happy!


The product is really good value for money, exactly like the ones I have had in sushi restaurants. Very happy.

Great starter kit

Ordered a starter kit and a jar of dried onions …not used yet but has everything I need to make sushi for the first time …well packaged and good delivery

Jean-Jacques Ellis
Versatile Garnish

Not only great for replicating crunch rolls..I love using this as a seasoning for ramen bowls, steak etc!

Fried Onions For Sushi

Kelly Says

"This fried onions are a signature topping in my restaurants. It is used in our best-sellers called "the crunch roll"."


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