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Seafood Ramen Noodles

Following an authentic Korean recipe, each pot contains a generous serving of Seafood Ramen noodle soup. Containing a mix of herbs vegetables, Prawns, Squid, Oysters, Shrimp and delicious cooked ramen noodles in a seafood broth. All coming together to create a delicious and flavour packed Seafood Ramen Soup - ideal meal on the go.

Ramen Noodle 89% [wheat flour, modified tapioca starch, wheat gluten, salt, corn oil, onion concentrate, acidity regulators (E270, E260, E325, E501, E500), colour (E101), water], Seafood Broth 7% [manila clam extract powder, squid extract powder (squid, soy), sea mussel powder, salt, sugar, dextrin, glucose, garlic powder, acidity regulators (E501, E500), onion powder, dried shrimp powder, clam seasoning (flavour enhancer (E635), clam extract, palm oil, corn starch, oyster extract, shrimp extract, red pepper extract, pepper powder, seaweed extract), anchovy powder, black pepper powder], Seafood Cube 4% [green onion 0.1%, squid, spinach <0.1%, dextrin, onion <0.1%, red pepper <0.1%, potato starch, dried shrimp <0.1%, dried tree ear mushroom <0.1%, dried carrot <0.1%].


Gluten, Wheat, crustacean, mollusc, fish

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
JJ Ellis
My favourite noodles

Really deep flavour compared to other cup noodles, great size serving too. Perfect lunch for cold days

seafood ramen reveal

This product is a great healthier alternative for instant ramen. I tried it for the first time today and the only thing that was missing was a spicy touch. If they made a spicy version of this I would stock up.

Oyinda Adams
Tastes amazing!

Huge fan of this product. It tastes great and the noodle texture is just perfect

Seafood Ramen Noodles

Kelly Says

"This ramen recipe has quality freeze dried seafood and vegetables, for extra texture and flavour."