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Ramune soda drinks: Japanese Lemonade

The POP stars of Japanese culture

Ramune isn’t just any drink, it’s rather special, and a big part of Japanese POP culture. And it’s become a staple drink in Japanese culture, for good reason. Open a bottle and listen out for the ‘POP! Clunk! Fizz!’...

Authentic — the genuine article, made in Japan

Traditional — using the age-old recipe in a traditional glass bottle

Accessible — the chance to try something new

Fun — see: how to open a ramune bottle!

Cute — the perfect gift for Asian food lovers and will be enjoyed by both kids and grownups

Convenient — delivered straight to your door

Feel-good — invite friends and family over to have a POP 

Refreshment with a difference

Ramune not only tastes good, but it’ll also look good served alongside the delicious results from your sushi making kit — a hit with all generations. And if you’re having a sushi party, make sure everyone has a go at opening a ramune bottle! 

Our lychee ramune soda offers a hint of lychee to bring a sweet and refreshing touch to a favourite drink, while the yuzu flavour brings a zingy twist. If you’d like to see the other Japanese and Korean drinks we have to offer, take a look at our other traditional Asian drinks.

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From the renowned ingredients to the refreshing drinks, and the convenient and tasty instant noodles and packet soups, Kelly ensures that absolutely everything she puts her name to is authentic and provides the highest quality in every tiny detail. In fact, she’s so sure that everything from the Kelly Loves brand is the very best that she’d be happy to feed it to her own daughter (the highest praise a mother can give!).

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