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Korean Instant Noodle Variety Pack

Experience the authentic flavours of our range of noodles in this variety pack. It contains our most popular flavours of noodles for you to try with some added savings for extra sweetness.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Charles Paterson
Very tasty

Great snacks

Richard Watts
Awesome noodles!

These are a regular lunch for me… taste amazing, so authentic!

That’s literally my everyday lunch when I work from home

The variety box gives me three options and I can swap around the flavour according to my preference that day.
The noodles are perfect in texture and I normally eat up the soup as well. I really like the meals, hopefully there will be more favours or more Asian dishes

Phil Sheridan-Wayman
Tasty and convenient, not your average pot noodle!

All 3 flavours are very tasty and easy to make, taste much better/more authentic than your normal instant noodles. Will be ordering again!

Will H.
Love it

Tried all 3 flavours, taste is genuine, ingredients are high quality, fast and easy to make. Loved them all. Definitely recommend.

Korean Instant Noodle Variety Pack

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