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How long does Aloe Vera juice last?

Over the years (nearly 5000 of them!) aloe vera has been hailed for a myriad of health benefits...
Written by: Kelly Choi
Kelly Loves aloe vera Juice

Over the years (nearly 5000 of them!) there's been talk about the myriad of health benefits of aloe vera. So it’s no wonder that you might want to keep some aloe vera juice in stock. But like any plant or vegetable, it has a limited shelf life. Kelly Loves aloe vera juice drink is made with real aloe vera gel and juice from within the leaves of the aloe vera plant, but we ensure that our ingredients and packaging keep it fresh. Read on to find out how long aloe vera juice lasts and how you can tell if it’s spoiled. 

Does aloe vera juice have an expiry date? 

Commercial aloe vera juice will have an expiry date printed on the bottle. Unopened aloe vera juice and gel should last 2-3 years, but after opening will only last a couple of weeks in the fridge. As with anything that has been purchased in a shop, you need to check the expiry date and follow the instructions on the bottle. 

How long does aloe vera juice last in the fridge? 

The answer to this will depend on whether the aloe vera juice is commercially made or you have extracted the juice yourself. If you have extracted the juice directly from the aloe vera plant yourself, keep it in the fridge and drink it within a day or two. Variations in packaging and ingredients will affect how long commercial aloe vera juice will keep. But, generally speaking, it should keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks after opening.

How should you store aloe vera juice? 

Whether you have extracted the juice straight from the plant yourself, or you have purchased it, you need to store the aloe vera juice in the fridge and consume it as soon as possible. Commercial aloe vera juice will contain preservatives, so you can store it for longer. And make sure that homemade or commercial aloe vera juice is stored in the fridge in an airtight bottle. 

How can you tell if aloe vera juice is spoiled? 

Aloe vera is a plant, so like fruit and veg, it is a perishable food and will turn mouldy. If aloe vera juice has spoiled it’ll look cloudy and discoloured with an unpleasant smell. If you have cut fresh aloe leaves, they’ll wilt and turn sludge-like and slimy and they will also smell bad.

The safest, most convenient way to drink aloe vera juice, is to purchase it from a reputable supplier and follow their instructions. Most brands add sugar to their aloe vera drinks. Kelly Loves aloe vera drink contains high-quality aloe vera juice and gel — but with no added sugar — ensuring that it remains authentic.


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