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Matcha Green Tea Powder

Versatile organic green tea powder, that can be used for making delicious teas or lattes. If you're feeling even more adventurous why not try Matcha cupcakes or even using it to create revitalising facemasks.

Organic green tea powder


Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Emma Devine
Great everyday matcha

A lovely everyday matcha with a smooth flavour.

Easy tasting and nice to work with

This is a nice matcha powder to have in the UK when you need something for the now - it goes well with a shot of vanilla syrup and oat milk for a latte, and it works well when you want to dirty your latte up with a shot of espresso too. I will definitely use this to try and make some matcha desserts in the near future!

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Kelly Says

"Green tea powder can be used to make a variety of drinks & cakes! My personal favourite is Matcha Latte."


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