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Ultimate Sushi Kit

The ultimate sushi kit to get you 'rolling'. The kit contains everything you need to create a whole range of exciting and flavour packed sushi rolls and maki, including toppings such as fried onions, ginger and wasabi - Just add your choice of fish or vegetables and get creative. The ultimate kit also includes a super stylish bento box to present your home made sushi and keep it fresh.
£2999 £3670
Make Sushi at Home

The Ultimate Sushi kit Includes:

1 x Bamboo Rolling Mat
1 x 500g Sushi Rice
1 x 7 Nori Sheets
1 x 150ml Sushi Vinegar
1 x 285g Spicy Mayo
1 x 150g Ginger
1 x 150g Crispy Fried Onions
1 x 87g Wasabi
1 x Bambo lid Bento Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Katherine Kelly
Ultimate Sushi Kit

Bought as a gift so a bit disappointed with the packaging. Was expecting a kit box outer and not just a cardboard box with items in. Some items were short dated

Nicky Lyons
Great gift

This was a great gift for my friend. She loved it!

Nikki Fletcher
Starter kit

This has everything I needed to begin making sushi
A very good starter kit - happy customer

Matthew Charlesworth

Ordered the sushi kit, fast delivery and fantastic product

E Ford
Sushi kit

Delighted with product however disappointed that Nori sheets use by date are 8 January 2023. As this was for a gift I had enquired about dates and was advised they would be around March 2023.

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